SkinPen Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that has gained considerable popularity for its efficacy and safety. At Ultimate Image MedSpa, we utilize the FDA-approved SkinPen, the first microneedling device clinically proven to diminish the appearance of facial acne scars and other textural concerns. This procedure creates controlled micro-injuries to stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production, which are key to youthful, healthy skin.

Our skilled team at Ultimate Image MedSpa ensures that every microneedling session with SkinPen is tailored to your specific skin concerns and needs. Noticeable improvements can be seen after the first treatment, with optimal results typically visible after a series of treatments spaced a month apart. The procedure is well-tolerated and requires minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your regular routine promptly. Embark on your journey towards enhanced skin health and vitality with microneedling at Ultimate Image MedSpa. Schedule your appointment online today and let our professionals help you rediscover the joy of radiant, youthful skin!


Are there any reasons why a patient should not receive SkinPen® Precision treatments? The use of the SkinPen® Precision System should not be used on patients who:

  • Have active skin cancer in the treatment area(s)
  • Have open wounds, sores, or irritated skin in the treatment area(s)
  • Have an allergy to stainless steel or anesthetics
  • Have a hemorrhagic (bleeding) disorder or hemostatic (bleeding) dysfunction
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Are currently taking drugs with the ingredient isotretinoin(such as Accutane)

NOTE: This product is not intended for transdermal (under the skin) delivery of topical products such as cosmetics, drugs, or biologics.

Pre and Post Care for SkinPen Microneedling


• The treated area may be pink and mildly inflamed (similar to the appearance of a mild sunburn) for 24- 48 hours following your SkinPen procedure.

• Your technician will advise you to keep your skin clean of cosmetics or sunscreen for the remainder of your day post-procedure.

• If you are prone to herpes simplex infections, such as cold sores, ask your technician whether prophylaxis therapy is appropriate prior to the procedure.

• If you have been overexposed to the sun (sunburn) the day preceding your appointment, please call our office to reschedule your appointment.

• This procedure may not be performed on active breakouts or open lesions. Please consult your technician prior to your SkinPen procedure to address any such issues.

• Wait at least six months post isotretinoin use before your SkinPen procedure, as isotretinoin use may impair wound healing and increase risk of scar tissue formation.

• Allow 48 hours after spray or self-tanning lotions before your SkinPen procedure.

• Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours prior to the procedure.

• Discontinue the use of topical products containing Retinol or Vitamin A for 24 hours prior to your SkinPen procedure.

• If you are on autoimmune therapy, ask your technician if you should refrain from taking any medications prior to your SkinPen procedure.


The day of the procedure –

• Avoid strenuous exercise or excessive perspiration, as excess blood flow and sweat can cause discomfort and irritation to compromised skin.

• Avoid use of any topical products not provided by your skincare professional for specific use with this procedure. This includes but is not limited to cosmetics, cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, etc.

• Skinfuse® Lift HG may be applied additionally the day of the procedure to prevent the skin from drying out post procedure.

– The client can re-apply, as needed, up to 24 hours post procedure.

• Skinfuse® Rescue may be applied to the treatment areas 4 hours after procedure completion. This is to soothe and calm the skin.

– The client can re-apply until tube is finished post procedure.

• Strictly avoid sun exposure as you will not be wearing sunscreen.

The days following the procedure –

• You may return to sunscreen use the day following the procedure. Continue to minimize sun exposure
for one week following the procedure.

Benefits of Microneedling Treatment

Following are the Skinpen Microneedling benefits

  • Minimally invasive with minimal downtime.
  • Stimulates the body’s natural collagen and elastin production.
  • Can improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • The Microneedling SkinPen device ensures a safe, efficient, and comfortable treatment experience.
  • Promotes overall skin health, leaving it looking radiant and youthful.
  • Personalized treatment protocols tailored for optimal results.
  • Regular treatments can help maintain skin health and vibrancy.


SkinPen is a clinically proven medical grade, state-of-the-art microneedling device designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on the face and body.

It stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. It allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by creating thousands of precise micro-injuries in the dermis, automatically triggering new collagen synthesis without causing scar tissue formation. It is minimally invasive with little to no downtime.

Most people are candidates for SkinPen. SkinPen doesn’t cause changes in pigmentation that may be seen with other energy devices, so it can be used on all skin types and tones, including darker skin that’s more susceptible to hyperpigmentation. 

If you’re searching for:     

  • A procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and smooth wrinkles, SkinPen® may be used on all skin types.     

  • A safe solution with little recovery time.     

  • Results from a minimally-invasive procedure     

  • A procedure for ongoing maintenance of healthy skin.     

  • SkinPen® is different from traditional microneedling derma-rollers that can bend, break or even rust, resulting in possible infection or scarring with reuse

The use of the SkinPen should not be used on patients who:

  • Have active skin cancer in the treatment area(s)
  • Have open wounds, sores, active acne or irritated skin in the treatment area(s)
  • Have an allergy to stainless steel or anesthetics
  • Have a hemorrhagic (bleeding) disorder or hemostatic (bleeding) dysfunction
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Are currently taking drugs with the ingredient isotretinoin (such as Accutane)
  • Have keloid, psoriasis, or rosacea history.

The SkinPen procedure typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. Based on your needs, your SkinPen provider may apply a topical anesthetic to the skin prior to microneedling. The topical numbing agent makes the SkinPen procedure comfortable and relatively pain-free. Most people report feeling just the slight vibration of SkinPen during the procedure.

The number of SkinPen procedures required will be determined by your skin care professional based upon your individual goals and the health of your skin. Your skin care professional will recommend a course of procedures (typically three to six) appropriate for your skin’s needs and request you return within four to six weeks for your next procedure to ensure optimal results. While multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal microneedling results, you may see noticeable improvements just one week following the procedure. Your skin will gradually improve as your body’s healing process promotes collagen remodeling.

The total healing time depends on each individual. Most patients have some slight swelling and redness/pinkness (like a mild to moderate sunburn) for a few days following the treatment. Some people may heal completely in 24 hours. Although not seen in the clinical study, in Fitzpatrick IV–VI, pigment may darken prior to lightening.

Your skin care professional will send you home with Skinfuse RESCUE Calming Complex immediately post-procedure to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation.

The concept is the same; create micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate the growth of new collagen. A laser does this with heat energy where the SkinPen uses mechanical energy (Micro-Needles). Because there is no heat injury to the skin with a SkinPen treatment there is much less downtime and the same results can be accomplished with less pain.

Absolutely. Microneedling with the SkinPen is a safe procedure when performed by licensed, certified, and experienced professionals like those at Ultimate Image MedSpa. Our team adheres to strict rules and regulations to ensure patient safety. As with any cosmetic procedure, potential risks and side effects exist, which your specialist will discuss with you during your consultation.

Microneedling with the SkinPen is generally well-tolerated. To ensure your comfort, a topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure. Your provider can also adjust the needle depth to help with comfort levels.

The number of microneedling treatments you’ll need can vary based on your skin concerns and goals. On average, clients see optimal results after 4-6 treatments spaced about a month apart. Your specialist at Ultimate Image MedSpa will provide a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best results.

Before your microneedling session, avoid sun exposure, alcohol, caffeine, and any products or procedures that may irritate your skin for at least 24 hours. If you have specific concerns, your specialist will provide tailored advice during your consultation.

After a microneedling treatment, you may experience facial redness, similar to a slight sunburn, which usually subsides within a couple of days. You’re encouraged to hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun. Most people return to their normal activities within a day.

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